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Oded Blumberg specializes in the management of Special Situations in companies and organizations. The Stratega special situation program has been designed through years of experience, and it is based on deep insight and knowledge that have been acquired while managing a wide range of challenges and opportunities. Stratega focuses on

  • Ownership - ownership agreements, management agreements, etc
  • Transition phase - restructuring, turnaround, upgrade, etc
  • Merges & Acquisitions
  • Business development

What does a 150 year old Japanese concern, a Bulgarian software house owned by a French company and a family owned Israeli industrial group have in common?

The obvious answer is "nothing". Indeed oceans, cultures and symbols separate between the three. However, when the three entities face a Special Situation there is suddenly a stunning resemblance.

Each one of these entities has its own unique story:

  • The Japanese concern that manages billions of $ faced a drastic crisis in the Asian economy and had to implement a dramatic restructuring plan to re-invent itself.
  • The Bulgarian/French software house did not yet face a significant challenge, when it has already "encounter" a growth opportunity which began with a joint venture, continued with the entrance of a financial investor and ended in a full merge with a publicly traded hi-tech company.
  • The family that owned the industrial company has been forced, after 50 years of pleasant routine, to re-define the ownership structure of the family holdings in the company. Moreover, it has been required to do so under an extremely tight schedule and under a lot of pressure.

The leap from a routine situation into a special situation forced each one of the companies to undergo a metamorphosis. The metamorphosis is the common denominator that connects the three companies.
The metamorphosis begins by understanding the need and/or the opportunity to make a dramatic change (even if sometimes the change is temporary), it continues with the courage to act against the natural instinct and it reaches its peak with the willingness to part from regular patterns (modus operandi) and adjust to new and vital patterns that are required by the new challenges.

As reflected by the three stories, a special situation occurs also in front of a challenge (another word for crisis) and also in front of an opportunity. Often, the right management of a challenging situation evolves into an opportunity.

Special situations develop almost in every field, personal, companies and organization and of course countries. Actually in countries you can find the most extreme and known form of a special situation – WAR.

The basic methodology for war management (which defines the ultimate management of a special situation) was clearly and simply defined by Sun Tzu, a Chinese ruler of Confucius era, who ruled in China about 2500 years ago. Sun Tzu summarized his doctrine in an article entitled: The Art of War.

As always, also in special situations, the first step, in fact a preliminary step, is acknowledging the crisis or identifying the opportunity. After passing the preliminary requirements and entering the special situation you can come back to Sun Tzu and the Art of War:

"Look at war in terms of five basic factors  …   :Politics, weather, terrain, the commander, and doctrine… These five basic factors are known to every general. Those who master them will be victorious."

Apparently a special situation is based on two legs that run one after the other: the first leg is the acknowledgement of reality and the second leg hurries up to catch the pattern required for the specific need.

           Ownership            Merges & Acquisitions
  • Creation & Implementation of ownership agreements and establishment of a Board of Directors in a three generation  family owned industrial group.

  • Establishment of a local company in Japan for Cimatron (NASDAQ)  Israeli IT company that specializes in CAD/CAM .

  • Planning & Implementation of Synergy Investment ,an Israeli  Hi-Tec Venture Capital  , owned by  Japanese investors (Tomen Corp.).
  • Foundation and investment in a life science project, DNA on Chip, for R&D in Childhood ALL. J.V. with Tel Hashomer Medical Center.

  • Transition phase

  • Private equity investment – purchasing the holdings of the Israel Corporation in Ranel – a Romanian utility by the Japanese company TPC.

  • Planning and implementation of a long term turnaround program in the international Japanese concern Tomen Corporation (a Fortune 500 company and part of the Toyota group).

  • Planning and implementation of an up-grading program in a steel company (traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange).

  • Execution of turnaround program for a  manufacturer of a Private Label internal Fem-Care products.

  • Penetration of a Private Label  internal Fem-Care manufacturer into the US. Establishment of U.S. company & direct sell: Wal*Mart, CVS, Target…
  • Execution of the acquisition of Amita, a Real Estate Slovak concern by Roxan, an American investment group.

  • Selling the holdings of Stanga, a software company situated in Bulgaria to European Investors.

  • Business Development

  • J.V. agreement between ONE1 (traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange), an Israeli IT group and Stanga, a Software house located in Bulgaria.

  • J.V. agreement between Gottex, a leading international brand of swimming fashion and Miulan, a Japanese fashion company.

  • J.V. agreement between the American Energy company Penzzoil and a leading Israeli infrastructure group (traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange).

  • Commercial long term agreement for the supply of NGK U.S.A. / Japan insulators to the Israel Electric Corporation.

  • J.V. agreement between NEC, MITSUI and ECI Wireless for joint cooperation in telecom projects in Vietnam.

  • Execution of business development program for creation of new J.V. for Weissman Institute/Yeda I.P (Intellectual property). in the Japanese Pharmaceutical industry.

  • J.V. agreement between Tomen Corporation Japan and Mekorot, the Israel national water company.



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